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Welcome To Frome

Part 2: a town divided

In this second episode of our 3-part series, "Welcome to Frome", we explore the darker history of the small Somerset town of Frome. 

In this episode, you'll meet more Frome residents, more politicians, local historians, experts in the field of inequality, and a filmmaker. We'll tackle some timely topics and ask some difficult questions.


What are the scars left from thirty years of closing factories and cutting government services? How do these scars reveal themselves in our hearts and in our communities? Is it possible to bridge the economic, social, and psychological divides that carve up our societies? If it's possible, then how do we do it?


Des Cornish - Born and raised in Frome
John Payne - Local historian and author
Annabelle Madfadyen - Co-organizer, Home in Frome
Bob Ashford - Chair of Trustees, Fair Frome
Sam Phripp - Somerset District Councilor
Richard Seymour - Marxist writer, broadcaster, and activist
Joseph Choonara - Spokesperson, Socialist Workers Party
Richard Wilkinson - Co-author of The Spirit Level
Kate Pickett - Co-author of The Spirit Level
Katharine Round - Director of the film The Divide



Molly Murphy (a million creatures)
Annabelle Macfadyen
Frome Street Bandits

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