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Part 3: a new cultural vision

Welcome To Frome

In this final episode of our 3-part series, "Welcome to Frome", we explore possible futures for the small Somerset town of Frome. 

In this episode,  we'll talk to some of the leading experts on why GDP and economic growth are flawed measures of wellbeing. Then we’ll travel to a small kingdom in south Asia, an indigenous village in the sierras of Peru, and the headquarters of Happy City in Bristol. We'll talk to the visionaries of new cultural paradigms. and ask them to reveal the secrets of happiness and wellbeing that are hidden right beneath our noses.

How can Frome adopt a wellbeing strategy that helps to further the movements we discussed in episode 1 and which begins to bridge the divides we explored in episode 2? There's no simple solution, but we hope that this series will provide some food for thought in towns and cities like Frome all over the world. 


Ha Vinh Tho  - Program Development Coordinator of GNH Centre in BHutan
Martin Whitlock - Businessman, author, Co-Founder of

Inez Aponte - Founder of Growing Good Lives

Martin Kirk - Co-founder of The Rules

Liz Ziedler - Co-Founder of Happy City
Richard Wilkinson - Co-author of The Spirit Level
Maria Scordialos - Co-Founder of The Living Wholeness Institute
Annabelle Macfadyen - Co-organizer, Home in Frome



Molly Murphy (a million creatures)
Annabelle Macfadyen
Frome Street Bandits

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