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The Sharing Economy?

In this episode, The Sharing Economy, we look at how companies like Airbnb and Uber have influenced an entire generation and entirely shifted the economic landscape of major cities like San Francisco. Through candid conversations with journalists and industry insiders, we explore the darker side of these giant companies and investigate how this phenomenon arose and what implications are in store. 


Doug Henwood - Author, radio host, columnist for Harper's, The Nation, & Jacobin Mag

Keally McBride - Professor of Politcs and Chair of International studies at the University of San Francisco

David Campos - San Francisco District 9 Supervisor

Dale Carlson - Public accountant and business consultant, co-author of California Proposition F

David Korman - Lyft driver, former Taskrabbit, Couchsurfing host living in Oakland, CA.



Molly Murphy (a million creatures)
Witchdream Mansion
Haunted Haus

"What its champions romanticize as 'the sharing economy' is a disguised form of exploitation and self exploitation by the masters of our new order of "flexible" neo-liberal capitalism. This richly detailed, informative, and entertaining podcast helps to unmask the masquerade."


Steve Fraser, author of Every Man a Speculator: A History of Wall Street in American Life, and, most recently, The Age of Acquiescence


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