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the solidarity economy


Michael Ventura - Co-author with James Hillman of We've Had a Hundred Years of Psychotherapy – And the World's Getting Worse, columnist of Letters at 3AM with the Austin Chronicle

Caroline Woolard -  Artist & organizer whose work explores intersections between art and the solidarity economy

Michael Lewis - Soildarity economy researcher; Co-author of The Resilience Imperative

Pat Conaty - Research associate Cooperatives UK, Co-author of The Resilience Imperative

Jessica Gordon Nemhbard - Professor of Community Justice and Social Economic Development, author of Collective Courage: A history of African-American Cooperative Economic Thought & Practice

Biba Schoenmaker - Co-Founder of Broodfonds Makers

Stuart Field - Founder of Breadfunds UK

Jos Veldhuizen - Member of Broodfunds, Amsterdam


This episode is presented in partnership with STIR Magazine's Winter 2017 Issue on Solidarity Economics 

Get your copy here


Robert Raymond (witchdreammasion bandcamp)

Lanterns (

Chris Zabriskie (

Jörgen UNOM JG (

Many thanks to Bethan Mure for the background/cover art.

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